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Loggerhead Island

Loggerhead Island

Loggerhead Island

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Loggerhead Island is a Musical Puppet Show telling the story of loggerhead sea turtles and friends they meet along the way. With an all original script and score, it entertains and educates guests at Georgia Aquarium. 


Produced, Directed and Music Directed by Logan Denninghoff

Star Charts with me! 

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Deep Sea Discovery


Deep Sea Discovery is an Educational Puppet show exploring the four zones of the Ocean. With Puppets made from recycled materials and live camera technology, we teach kids about recycling and animals traveling through the depths of the sea.

Produced by Logan Denninghoff

Teaching children in Georgia Aquarium's Summer camp about navigating the ocean with Star charts! 


Logan Denninghoff - The Star Spinner

Beyond the Breaking Waves

Breaking Waves.jpg

Beyond the Breaking Waves is a story about a young Dolphin who journeys out on her own, only to discover being with the pod (her family) is where she wants to be.

Produced & Music Directed by Logan Denninghoff

A Symphony of Snow!


A Symphony of Snow is a fun Dance/Musical Review performed during the Holiday Season.

Produced and Music Directed by Logan Denninghoff

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