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Sunday in the Park with George - 


“I cannot give enough praise for Logan Dennighoff’s performance in the role – he is mesmerizing. His acting as the visionary artist (George) is nuanced and well-conceived, but it is his singing voice that enraptures the audience. He handles the complex and complicated Sondheim score with ease and shows off amazing range and clarity in every song – shifting easily from subtle softer elements to soaring full-voiced notes that take your breath away.”

           Joseph Harrison –

Barnum - 


“The charismatic Logan Denninghoff stars as Barnum, who guides the audience through the highlights of his life and career.  Leading man or not, Denninghoff gets into the circus act, too.  He juggles in one song, and during another, he crosses the stage while balancing himself on a wheel. No less athletically, his handling of the tongue- twisting lyrics to "Museum Song" is a real kick.”

            Bert Osborne - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Beauty and the Beast - National Tour

“And now I must talk about Logan Denninghoff...Not only does Denninghoff have the vocal chops to pull off the part but the stage presence to equal ten Gastons...He’s hunky, charismatic, and beautifully rich voiced...”

             Seattle Broadwayworld

“Logan Denninghoff is a hoot as Gaston, the bone-headed, self-absorbed hunk who covets Belle... Denninghoff pumps comic energy into every scene in which he appears. Even his voice has muscles.”

              Edmonton Sun

A Few Reviews...

Height: 5"10

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown​

Location: Orlando, Florida

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